What Entrepreneurs Need to Know About SEO

Entrepreneurs need to be proactive if they want their business to remain competitive in the digital age. The world of online commerce represents billions of pounds and savvy business owners who are early adopters of technology can gain a significant amount of market share. Regardless of the size of your business or what you are offering, you need an online presence. The majority of consumers go online to do research on products and services they are interested in purchasing, if your business does not have a prominent position online how will these consumers find you? This is not a rhetorical question but one that each and every business has to ask themselves.

The SEO Solution

Most business owners know they can sign up for a pay-per-click marketing campaign but those can become very expensive and if your website is not optimized, you could be spending precious capital and not generate a single sale! Instead of relying on pay-per-click (PPC), what you might consider doing is visiting SEO service providers like https://www.720digital.co.uk and benefiting from their experience. Without the right SEO strategy in place, the odds of attaining success are virtually zero.

How SEO Works

Without the right SEO approach, people will not be able to find your website so you end up losing out on potential sales. The first thing the optimization expert will do is conduct an audit of your website to determine whether structurally speaking it is well designed and follows the industry best practices, if it does not then those issues would need to be rectified immediately. The way search engines rank websites is constantly evolving and if your website does not follow these industry best practises then it could lead to your website falling off the first page search results!

After the preliminary audit has been completed, the SEO firm is going to provide you with a report on what it will take to bring your website up to the industry best practices. This is only part of the equation, not only does your website have to meet the technical requirements set by the search engines, it also has to meet the marketing objectives of your organization.

Why SEO Matters

Whenever a person is thinking about making a purchase, the first place they will go is to a search engine and type in what it is they want. The keyword that person uses to perform the search is used by the search engine when trying to sift through the billions of websites to narrow down the list to a few prospects. If your website is optimized for the search engines, it will rank prominently for the keywords related to what your website is offering.  The more people who are able to find your website when doing a related keyword search, the greater your odds of having them visit your website. On the flipside of the coin, if your website was not properly optimized then people would not be able to find you and if they cannot find your website how would they buy from you?

It Takes Time to See Results

SEO is not a magic bullet that will solve your problem overnight, it takes time for it to generate results but the results are well worth the investment.  While PPC does provide immediate results, the cost to get the traffic to your website is usually higher than the projected return on investment so it is recommended to focus your resources on SEO.

Revamping Your Website

During the SEO implementation process, the SEO service provider will revamp the look of your website and incorporate responsive design elements. Responsive design is technology that detects what type of device a visitor is using, if they are using a smartphone or tablet then the website will provide the visitor with a mobile friendly version of the website that is still functional. This is a very important feature to have since a considerable number of people access the Internet via their smartphone/tablet, your website needs to address the needs of those individuals if you want to remain competitive.

After the website has been revamped the next step is performing a comprehensive keyword analysis.

Finding the Right Keywords

Once your website is up to standard, there is a need to find the right keywords for your website and niche. The SEO professional will be able to identify keywords that are relevant to what your business is focused on so whenever a person performs a search your website is going to appear on the top of the search engine results.  The more competitive the keyword is the more work the SEO expert will need to do in order to get your website ranked.

By working on a variety of different keywords, you should be able to get better market penetration. Along with market penetration there are additional benefits to using varying keywords.

  • Low competition keywords can actually be more profitable then highly competitive ones. When a person is conducting a very niche specific search, your competitors may have overlooked those keywords but your SEO expert would have identified them and incorporating them into your optimization strategy. The individuals who are using the low competition keywords are genuinely interested in the keyword so your chances of converting them from a visitor to an actual customer are greatly enhanced.

Using Backlinks to Boost Rankings

After the SEO professional has completed their website revamping and keyword analysis, they will work on a backlinking strategy. Backlinks are part of all SEO campaigns and necessary if you want to attain long-term success. The search engines use a complex algorithm when trying to determine which websites are the most relevant and popular. One way that the search engines do this is by looking at the quality of the backlinks that are pointing to your website. In the past, it was the sheer quantity of backlinks that mattered but those days are long gone.

An effective search engine expert will come up with a backlinking strategy that will help move your website higher up the rankings for the keywords you want to focus on. Without these backlinks you would have a very difficult time gaining any traction in the search engines.

Since the SEO professional is experienced in this area, they will be able to establish connections with prominent website owners and have them post links to your website either through an affiliate relationship or paid advertising. In either scenario, you will see better ranking results.

Elements of a Great SEO Provider

We have covered how SEO can help your website rank prominently on the search engines which can help boost sales and overall brand awareness. It would be prudent to talk about what makes a great SEO service provider.

  • Does the SEO firm use only “white hat methods”? There are individuals out there who use techniques that go against industry best practices which are sometimes considered “gray hat” while others just look for ways to exploit vulnerabilities within the search engine ranking algorithm. These approaches are referred to as black hat since it does not enhance the user experience of the website visitors. Websites that hire SEO firms that use black hat techniques could find their website delisted from the search engines!
  • How long has the organization been working in the SEO industry? Experience is vital when hiring a SEO professional. The major search engines update the way it ranks websites and the optimization service provider you select needs to have experience dealing with those updates so they can quickly get your website back up to speed.
  • Is the organization capable of providing clear, concise answers to your questions? While speaking with the SEO consultant, they should be able to explain their process and why each step is necessary without having to give away their trade secrets. If you come across a firm that is not transparent or willing to address your questions then they may not be a suitable match.
  • What niches does the SEO firm specialize in? If your website/business is in automotive you would naturally want a SEO professional who has experience in that niche. The more experience they have the more effective they should be when running you SEO campaign. While a lack of experience should not be a deal breaker, you should place emphasis on making sure you get the most experienced experts possible.
  • Is the work done inhouse or outsourced? There is nothing fundamentally wrong if the SEO company outsources some of the work like backlinking or content curation, they should be transparent though so you understand the process.

Business owners need to embrace SEO technology if they want to reach their full potential. The sooner you begin your SEO campaign the higher up the rankings you will be which should generate more visitors and income.

Reacting to Changes in Search Engine Algorithms

There are so many intricacies to SEO that sometimes businesses can get a little confused. Even those who work in marketing departments may have a hard time understanding the difference between an average or good SEO strategy. And the matter gets even more complicated when we begin to think about all the changes that search engine algorithms will go through during the year. A lot of people assume that SEO strategies have stayed the same over the years, but that is absolutely not the case. And we can look at how search engine algorithm adjustments can impact company websites.

One of the biggest features that any marketer or SEO expert has is a massive change to the Google algorithm. Since Google is one of the biggest and most used search engines in the western world, it is the search engine that most western businesses will base their SEO strategy on. While other search engines are more popular in countries like China, if your business is targeting customers in the US, UK, Europe or other areas, you are basing your SEO strategy on Google. And when something changes with the Google algorithm, it means that strategies that worked for you in the past may have become irrelevant.

The best way to react to these changes is to fully understand how they are being implemented. Too many people are in a rush to become the first to react which can result in them making massive overhauls that were not even necessary. What is needed in such moments is a cool head. Sometimes it takes a day or two before experts can begin to understand how the changes will impact SEO. Then an SEO expert can be put in a position to make changes to a website to ensure that it is still maintaining that high search engine results position.